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About Kibbutz

Batangas Kibbutz Farm Corp is not just an enterprise with the goal to earn, but we are an enterprise with a Heart for the marginalized farmer. Kibbutz Farm is a social enterprise with a heart for one of the country’s heroes — the farmers.

To provide Kibbutz Farming Technology in order to transform marginalized farmers to an empowered sector of the society.‚Äč

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To be a pioneer in providing Kibbutz Farming System for Socio-Economic Development in disadvantage areas in the country.

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the Founder

Bert Nioda

President & CEO

Engelberto “Bert” A. Nioda Jr., the CEO/President of Batangas Kibbutz Farm Corp was born in the hinterlands of Brgy. Paniabonan, Mabinay, Negros Oriental.

As a young boy, he was already exposed to the plight of the sugarcane plantation workers of Negros Oriental whose working conditions and way of living is way below the normal standards.

In his teens, he used to join his relatives in the sugarfields and work under the scourching hot summer months.

At that time, he saw young kids age 10-14 year old working in the fields as “Tapasero” or sugarcane cutters loading up 15 tons of freshly cut sugarcane into the trucks.

With the measely income of these farm workers, majority of these kids were not able to finish grade school, some of them went to migrate in Manila and work as Laborers, some remained as farm laborers and some others were exploited to join the cummunist movement in Negros Island.

A few years after, Bert finished his college degree at Silliman University in Dumaguete City completing Bachellor of Arts major in Political Science and History.

Upon graduation, he joined the Armed Forces of the Philippines and made a sterling career as a Ground Combatant Officer of 710th Special Operations Wing, Philippine Air Force and later on became a well decorated military officer who excelled in Counter Insurgency Operations.
Moreso, Bert later known to become a staunch advocate of Socio-Economic Development in the Countryside in order to address the looming problem of Communist Insurgency, the Threat to National Security.

His experience in Counter Guerilla Warfare, made him understand the root causes of Communist Terrorism and other Secessionist Movements.

He realized that the root causes of insurgency boils down to Social Injustice being capitalized by the Left to arouse, organized and mobilized innocent poor and marginalized farmers to rally behind the Enemy of the State and its Failed Western Ideology- Communism.

After years of his immersion to the countryside, he now place premium in organizing communities (former Guerilla Bases) to have socio-economic development.

Thru the empowerment of the community, the agriculture sector plays the very vital role in changing the paradigm of addressing the sentiments of the marginalized poor farmers and transforming them into development-oriented communities.

Thru his efforts in community organizing, he place importance in the creation of Agriculture Cooperatives as a platform for the development in partnership with line agencies and other stakeholders.

In sum, these resulted to the dismantling of the Communist Guerilla Fronts in the province of Batangas and Cavite with the President Rodrigo R. Duterte himself declaring the province of Batangas as Cleared from Communist Insurgency while the province of Cavite as Stable Internal Peace and Security in 2019.

Further, LTC Nioda choose Brgy. Cumba of Lian, Batangas as the best place to start his Farm because this remote barangay was a former Communist Affected brgy.

The first casualty of his Class, then 1LT Moreno Servito died in this remote brgy during the bloody encounter with the NPA in 22 February 2005.


What is Pa-iwi?

Pa-iwi means that the owner would put in trust a goat or cow to a farmer or trusted individual to take care of the livestock.

Any offspring, as well as, any increase the monetary value of the entrusted livestock would be equally divided in half between the owner and the farmer.

Another term for this is caller “PAALAGA”.

Pa-iwi Program

PHP 160,000

35 Months | 15 Heads

Payment Terms:

First Payment: PHP 160,000

*upon signing of contract


First Payout: PHP 22,500 (After 11 Months)
Second Payout: PHP 45,000 (After 19 Months)
Third Payout: PHP 45,000 (After 27 Months)Fourth Payout: PHP 45,000 (After 35 Months)

Salvage Value: PHP 75,000
(After 37 Months - end of contract)

News Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly contact an authorized DVBF SALES Executive for the thorough steps.

Must be a Filipino citizen with a primary valid ID and a Phils’ bank account.

Corp. bank account assigned subfarm, each farm has their own respective bank accts.

The contract is downloadable via our online POS, it can be accomplished by the partner wherever he/she may be.

Yes, we have no limit on how many packages a partner can avail, depending on our package slots availability.

Penalty for breach of contract will apply.

Under the contract, all the returns are guaranteed as is due to the fixed values stated on it.

Salvage Value is the mandatory Buy Back value of the original livestocks on your package.

No, Payouts are being scheduled and divided depending on which program you’re in.

The company is expanding, therefore we need to purchase machineries, equipments, facilities and more people that will provide better service towards our partners.

Still be deposited to partner’s registered bank account.

We still need to increase the population of our livestocks in order to supply the demands in the long run.

No, 1 account only is necessary for your payout.

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Sitio Bulsa, Brgy Cumba,
Lian, Batangas

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